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About S3-Solis Strategic Solutions

At S3, our mission is to advance policies that expand the supply and affordability of America’s homes through creative public and private partnerships.  

Who We Serve



Community Leaders

Industry Associations

Services We Offer

S3-Solis Strategic Solutions can help you create opportunities to better tell your story. We identify strategic partners and community stakeholders to become ambassadors, enhance relationships with key policy leaders, and recommend affiliations with select advocacy and influencer organizations. 

Government Relations and Public Affairs

Do you need a seat at the table in Washington? We can support you by liaising and representing you before the legislative and executive branches at the highest level.

Partnership and Coalition Building

We are bridge builders, ready to connect you with the right people and partners, paving your path to establishing trusting relationships with key stakeholders and advocates.  

Public Policy

Whether it is drafting legislation and regulations, developing an advocacy plan for passage and implementation, or understanding what a law passed by Congress means for your organization, we have you covered.


Are you trying to reach a public policy goal but your voice just isn’t loud enough alone? Let us be your megaphone.  

We leverage our diverse background and our deep-rooted community practice to advocate at various levels.